Dobrich District Administration
Dobrich district includes eight municipalities Balchik, General Toshevo, Dobrich, Dobrich, Kavarna, Krushari Tervel and Shabla-215 settlements, of which 6 cities.

A specific feature of the area is the presence of the municipality without the administrative center of its territory-Dobrich municipality in which there are only villages, and one city municipality, while regional center – Dobrich with population 103 000 people, representing 46% of the population the area.

15.07.2011 – Deputy Governor Dr. Katya Ganova met with parents of sick children today, July 15, at the Center for Social Rehabilitation and Integration in “Friendship”, the relevant deputy. governor held a meeting that explained the possibilities for the use of “Hydrotherapy” for children “Cerebral Palsy”. Was placed emphasis on the desire to professionally approach in the implementation of the service and identify children for medical indicators.

13.07.2011 – By Order of the Governor is determined tenant beach ” Balchik – Central ” The order is in fulfillment of Article 32 , para . ( 1 ) of the Administration Act , Article 7, paragraph 6 , of the Law on Black Sea Coast ( ZUCHK ) , Article 16 , paragraph 2 and Article 19 , paragraph 1 of the State Property Act , Article 55 , paragraph 1 of the Implementing Regulations of the State Property Act , Order № RD 02 -14-748/08.04.2011 of the Minister of Regional Development and Public Works, Minutes of 13.07.2011 of the Commission appointed by Order № RD-11-10-194/13.07.2011 of the District Governor of region and in relation to Decision № 97/11.07.2011 , delivered in ADM . D. № 411/2011 on the docket of the Administrative Court – Dobrich 2011